Here, we bring the leaders who are known for their strong political acumen yet they have broken down. In a very unusual event, US President Barack Obama to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have shown their soft side of their personalities.   

Vladimir Putin: Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been announced as a world's strongest leader by Forbes magazine, had broken down during a show on former KGB spy in 2013. A patriot  song about the honour and bravery had made him cry.

US President Barack Obama: USA President Barack Obama, who was chosen as world's strongest leader by Forbes magazine broken down while 'thanking campaign' workers in Chicago in 2008. During Presidential election, Obama had cried when he was talking about his grandmother, who had just died.  Four years later, once again on the last day of campaigning, the President got carried away.

Hillary Clinton: One of the strongest candidates of next Presidential election of USA and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was burst into tears during a campaign appearance in New Hampshire in 2008. While answering questions in very humorous manner, She broke down encountering the question that how she gets out the door every day to run for the President.

Bill Clinton: Former USA President Bill Clinton broke down  while lauding his wife Hillary Clinton for her winning in polls saying, “I’m so proud of her.”

George HW Bush: During an interview on his 88th birthday, 41st President of USA George HW Bush had got carried away. This interview was conducted by his granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager.

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