New Delhi: The National Council for Drinking Water and Sanitation will hold a meeting on Tuesday to set the standard for potable water. The department will also discuss the availability and quality of drinking water in the country.

Ironically, specific standards have been laid down for soft drinks and bottled water, but no standard has been set for the potable water even after the 60 years of independence.

In the meeting of National Council, representative from Rural Development Ministry, Planning Commission, Central Water Resources, Health Ministry, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Civil Society Ministry and representative of various Industrial Organisations will participate.Secretary of Drinking Water and Sanitation is the convener of the National Council Meeting.

The meeting will discuss the problems related to potable drinking water and the representatives would put forward their suggestions for solving the problem.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Ministry’s Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has also been invited to the National Council meet, which will discuss the ways to eliminate harmful elements found in the drinking water.