The award seeks to trigger a sense of competition and community action towards cleaner and greener villages, a Community and Rural Development department official said.
Under this scheme, cash prizes will be awarded to the villages which will be adjudged the best based on certain criteria in each CnRD blocks in a competitive mode, he said.
The communities, in turn, have to act on parameters such as full recovery of solid and sanitation, maintenance of common areas and forests.
The concept behind the awards is mainly to minimize leakages of sewages and effluents to water bodies and catchment areas and also to encourage best practices in the health and sanitation, environment sectors as well as village management, the official said.
The category of villages will be decided on the provincial census 2011 and the selected villages will be entitled to submit a felt need project ranging from Rs 5–15 lakh respectively as per the population and project size.


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