New Delhi: Coming down heavily on people for criticising the functioning of Indian democracy and seeking change, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar said that India is the only democratic country that provides a ‘level playing’ field for everyone.

"What system do you want to bring? Has human mind discovered a better system? This is only democracy which creates a level playing field for everyone," she said while releasing a book on late President R Venkataraman in New Delhi.

"I shudder to think what India would be if it was not a democracy," she said while describing the ‘great contribution’ made by Venkataraman to strengthen the pillars of the Indian democracy.

"It is his love for democracy that made him my father figure," she said.

Observing that the country's democratic set up has evolved and strengthened over the years, she said countries across the world also hail India's progress with ‘great admiration’.

"Whenever I go to these countries, all of them without fail tell me how impressed they are with India which has been able to strengthen its democracy despite its complexities and unmanageable population.”

Kumar in this regard, especially sought to refer to some of the countries in Asia and Africa who gained independence along with India but have either weakened or have failed as a state over the years.