London: Singer Melanie Brown says the secret to her fit and healthy body is sex.

"If I'm honest, its lots of working out, which is a commitment and boring, and then sexercise," a website quoted Brown as saying in response to a query about her fit frame.

The 38-year-old, who is married to producer Stephen Belafonte, is currently a judge on reality show "America's Got Talent".

She says she gets plenty of attention from her fellow judge Howard Stern.

"He's constantly hitting on me and I just don't get it. We all actually get along and we do actually like each other," added Brown.

The former Spice Girls singer, who has three daughters - Phoenix Chi, 13, Angel, five, and 21-month-old Madison - also said that being a mother is a challenge and that she would never let her children become famous until they finish school.

"It's a balancing act every single week. You just make it work. I say to all my kids, 'Get your education first and if you're good enough, I'll tell you and then you can go into the entertainment world'," said Brown.