Let's trigger some incredible melodious memories that we miss these days specially after digital revolution.

1. Mahabharata

We have many sweet memories of 90's, when our entire neighborhood was seen in-front of the television sets lined-up to watch the most popular serial of that decade 'Mahabharata'. While enjoying tea and splitting peanuts along with Parle-G no one was allowed to utter a single word while the serial was on. This Epic Serial was a buzz of the town.

2. Chandrakanta

Produced by A Nerja Guleri, Chandrakanta was a fictitious story. Full of mystery and magic people liked it. Sunday was booked for this serial. Some characters were yet alive in hearts such as Krur Sing's Yakuuu..., Shiv Sutt, Janbaaz, Badrinath and Surya.

3. Shri Krishna

The Epic Story of  'Lord Krishna' produce by Ramananda Sagar had left marks on viewers. Watching this serial was a sacrosanct practice alike worshiping Lord Krishna. Watching this TV serial become a ritual in those days.

4. Jungle Book

'Jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala...' this jingle was dancing on lips of every children in 90's. Mowgli  ' the animated characters was became first friend of children and ultimately it became 'Hero of Sunday'. Even the laziest of kids were seen in front of the TV sets watching Mowgli.  

5.  Shaktiman

The Indian superman, Shaktiman was a fever of ageless viewers, children to elders all fallen in love with this Super natural Character. Cherry of the cake was 'Gagadhar' second disguise of Shaktiman played by Mukesh Khanna. The dress of Saktiman became a common uniform for children across the country.

6. Captain Vyom

A character of a Super Space Fighter, who fights against Supernaturals giants. A Science fiction based story carried much charm. Played by Milind Soman this seriel was favourte soup of Sunday.

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