London: Men rarely get it right when they buy gifts for their other half, a survey has revealed. The survey revealed that millions of men upset their ladies by buying underwear of wrong size, wrong colour or too sexy.

They also buy toiletries, which women are never going to use or perfume they don't like the smell of, a daily reported. Another mistake that men commit is opting for kitchen utensils, which is a "blatant insult" for their other half.

And women can even take offence if they are gifted exercise DVDs, feeling they are being criticised for being fat.

"Buying presents for women are a minefield," John Starr, for Gift Card and Voucher Week, which commissioned the poll, said. "It looks like men should avoid buying anything for their partners to wear, all toiletries, anything for the house or kitchen or anything exercise related," he said.

He said that gift cards allowed women to shop for items that they really wanted.


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