London: Six out of 10 men admit that it takes them just one minute to wrap a present - barely enough time to slap on a few pieces of sticky tape, a Dutch survey has found.

Women, however, are rather more thorough. Just over half say they spend at least three minutes on each present, adding ribbons and bows to make it look special, a daily reported Wednesday.

The same effort - or lack of it - goes into the unwrapping.

A third of men rip the paper off a gift in 10 seconds or less, while only a fifth unwrap it carefully so they can use the paper again.

The figures are reversed for women, with a fifth counting themselves as "speedy rippers", and just over a third saying they unwrap the paper carefully to reuse it.

The survey, of around 2,100 adults, was conducted by satnav firm TomTom.


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