HTC surveyed around 2,000 people aged between 18-30 and found around 25 percent men share selfies to make their ex or current partner jealous. The researchers also found men post an average of three self portraits each week as compared to women who post 1.6 pictures.

The survey also revealed men capture their bodies into cameras 76 percent more compared to 45 percent of women, whereas around 20 percent of male shots show their chest, followed by 17 percent of their torso or six packs. Men even confessed during the research they do so to make themselves appear more desirable.

Ben Walsh of HTC said the selfie trend exploded in 2014 and showed no signs of slowing down. Instead, all the social sites and dating apps having the best possible photos was an important part.

In comparison, half of women take selfies to make their ex or present partners jealous (just 13 percent), and only one in 15 (seven percent) take pictures to make themselves more desirable to potential partners.

The main reason behind women taking selfies is to share what they are doing with friends (35 percent) and to record memories (26 percent). But both men and women equally share selfies to show off (19 percent).

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