Washington: A new survey has revealed that six out of ten new parents have less sex and one in three argue more often, suggesting that having children can ruin a couple's relationship. Nearly four in every ten new mothers and fathers confess they find their partner less attractive after having children, with 63 per cent admitting their sex life has deteriorated, media reported.

Another 61 per cent of parents claim they have rowed over parenting styles, with only half spending quality time together once a month. More than a third reported arguing more since having children than ever before.

A survey by parenting website Yano showed 42 per cent of women were not as attracted to their husbands or partners following childbirth, blaming financial pressures and arguments over household chores for increased arguments.

Some new mothers said they resented their husband's approach to fatherhood, believing they need to take more responsibility for childcare, while men were more likely to complain about parenting styles. More than six in every ten parents said their intimate relationship had deteriorated since having children, with 28 per cent having sex just once a month, five per cent once a year and seven per cent not at all.