New Delhi: This is not a scene of a movie, nor the climax of any thriller fiction, rather realty bytes that make city blokes drop their jaws learning men in khakhi are engaged in looting people. So beware, if you are accosted by Delhi Police, you need to be a little cautious otherwise you are in all likelihood to be robbed of your belongings, as there became several incidents in which law enforcement agency is reported to be involved in robbery.

Recently, two constables of Delhi police have been arrested, while the third one is still absconding, for looting crores of rupees from an employee of an education consultancy, Noida, on August 27.

Manhunt for three policemen is going on for their alleged involvements in a case of robbery which took place on August 23 morning when Rs 45 lakh and a car were looted from an accountant of Sriyash Holding Company.

More interestingly, the city police have reportedly been involved in committing crimes outside Delhi as well. A year back, a Delhi Police had shot at a trader of Rampur in UP to rob his money. When the policeman was chased by a youth, the former fired at latter. In the tragic turn of the incident, both the youth and trader died.

Given these incidences, the million dollar question is- whom the people should trust so long as their safety and protection is concerned.

A senior officer of Delhi Police said that there must be some reason behind such incidences. “Undoubtedly, it is a matter of great shame. Delhi Police and Mumbai Police have different kind of images. But the recent incidents have watered down their reputation. Actually, the policemen with nasty intentions take advantage of their uniform. Seeing them in uniform, people normally stop their vehicles. If such sorts of incidents continue, it is possible that the people would defy their words and nobody would trust the police.

Sunlight Colony loot a handiwork of policemen

Investigation of the robbery which took place on August 23 at Sunlight Colony is still going on in which Rs 45 lakh and Hyundai Getz car were robbed from an accountant of Sriyash Holding Company. But the initial investigation has brought to fore some horrendous facts.

It has been found that an ASI and constable were involved in this incident. They have been identified and are being searched. It is being speculated that the policemen who were involved in the robbery of lakhs of rupees from an employee of an educational consultancy has executed the incident on August 23 at Sunlight Colony. However, many contradictory facts have been found by the Delhi police who are trying to solve the puzzle.

A fresh revelation in this case is even more startling. It has been found that the victims of robbery were not willing to register complaints. Sanjeev Kumar, the accountant whose Rs 45 lakh was looted, was afraid that if he registers complaint, he could again be victimized by the police. His Hyundai Getz car was recovered from Kilokari and an empty money bag was also found there. When police consulted Sanjeev Kumar on the basis of the papers found in the car, he complained about the robbery. He was reluctant to register a case in this regard.

Need to seek answers to these questions

• Are the criminal activities of Delhi Policemen a result of some lacuna in recruitment process?

• Has the leadership quality of Delhi Police diminished?

• Do the personnel of Delhi police have no longer any respect for their top brass officers?

• Have the elements like dedication and honesty vanished in Delhi Police?

• Is there any loophole in the training of Delhi Police personnel?

• Have the Delhi Police personnel developed greed for money?  

Rakesh Kumar Singh/JPN

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