London: Most men now would prefer an average-looking, playful woman with a good sense of humour to a supermodel as a partner, a new survey has revealed. The new study found men ranked sense of humour as the highest priority in a mate, with a fun-loving nature third and playfulness fifth, putting physical attractiveness down the list at ninth, daily reported.

According to the American Journal of Play study, women also look for someone who is fun and has a good sense of humour, but also believe a man with kindness and understanding is more important, the report said.

Entre Nous principal Rosalind Baker said fun was what most single people wanted at the start of any relationship. "When you first meet someone it's only natural to want a bit of fun and get that spark first before looking for the long-term qualities," she said.

"Once they are aware of their long-term relationship needs, the other important characteristics kick in and fun slips down the list," she added.

Baker said honesty, trust, understanding, openness, respect, kindness, caring, warmth, loving and affectionate traits were things both men and women desire after the initial "fun stage."

"Even though a man is seeking a woman who will be kind to his parents, be the perfect mother for his children, the ideal partner to support him in his career, the most wonderful hostess and world's best housekeeper, he also wants a playmate - someone he can relax with and have fun. "If he doesn't get that in a woman, that's when he's most likely to find a playmate outside the relationship," she said.


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