London: Despite the tiredness surrounding the festive season, which involves finding time to buy presents, cooking a Christmas dinner for the whole family and the nagging worries about how much the whole lot costs, nearly half of men think women exaggerate the stressfulness of Christmas, according to a new study.

What's more - an antagonistic third of men reckon that they could do a better job than their partner if they were in charge of the festive preparations.

But, four in ten British women would not trust their other half to execute essential Christmas tasks, whereas they'd get it done right first time.

A staggering 85 percent of women claim men don't understand how much work goes into creating the perfect Christmas, nor the stress it causes.

The study showed, though, that 42 percent of women said that hosting Christmas Day is their most stressful job of the year.

A further two in five women worry their hosting skills on Christmas Day will be criticised by family and friends.

The study into stress at Christmas revealed that keeping guests entertained, planning meals, and getting embarrassed by a partner or child are the biggest worries.

The research, by hotel chain Travelodge, found the week leading up to Christmas to be the worst for sleep throughout the year.

"The stress of Christmas can be avoided if people lower their expectations of it," a daily quoted psychologist Corinne Sweet as saying.

"I would suggest taking time out from a busy schedule while having a nap can do wonders if you've not had much sleep.

"People will also benefit from having some quiet 'me-time' every once in a while," Sweet added.


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