New Delhi: With change in his profile from senior Cabinet minister to the President of world’s largest democratic republic, the life of Pranab Mukherjee is not going to be as simple as it has been so far. The official residence, security and the official vehicle all that he would use from now onwards have a royal touch.

His Excellency Pranab Mukherjee’s official vehicle is Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard which is popularly known as Mercedes Benz limousine. Mukherjee, for the first time in his five decade old political career, gave up his trusty Ambassador car and steps into the Presidential stretch limo, Mercedes Benz S600 (w221) Pullman Guard.

The Mercedes Benz S600 Pullman Guard was taken into service during the tenure of Pratibha Patil, the outgoing President of India.

The S600 Pullman Guard, which was for the first time displayed by Mercedes Benz India at the Auto Expo in Delhi earlier this year, is especially designed keeping in mind the comfort and security concerns.

Once the President steps into the vehicle and the doors slam shut, there will be no interference from the outside world. Adding to the comfort and secrecy, the driver’s cabin has been separated by sound proof glass partition with the rest of the vehicles.

The outstanding and advanced security features in the Mercedes Benz S600 (w221) Pullman Guard makes it a perfect vehicle for the head of the state.

•    This vehicle is heavily armored and designed to withstand small arms fire, grenade attacks as also fragments from explosions.
•    The windows and windshields have a 60 mm polycarbonate coating which acts as a splinter shield. Its 90 liter fuel tank is self sealing while there is also a fire extinguisher onboard just in case.

•    An emergency air supply system has been installed to help in case of an attack.

•    A rear surveillance camera alerts the driver in case of an ambush.

•    Bullet proof tires can run at maximum speed of 80 kmph for about 30 km in case of an attack with total loss of air pressure.

Apart from an excellent exterior design, utmost care has been taken to make the vehicle exceptionally brilliant from inside.

•    Seating arrangement inside the car has been designed so as to allow the President to have face to face meetings if he wants to.

•    There is an integrated communication system with interior and exterior microphones which allow for the President to communicate with people outside.

•    Leather upholstery, GPS modules and Tele Aid allow for the President to be connected to the outside world even while travelling.

•    There is a panic button which when once triggered shuts all doors and windows from inside. The car is powered by a V12 bi turbo engine, and costs about Rs. 12 crores as compared to the Ambassador which costs Rs.10 lakhs.

Sonakshi Kishore/ JPN

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