The vehicle, which is certified for the highest ballistics protection class, would be aimed at high profile customers, including high ranking officials and industrialists.
"With the launch of the new S 600 Guard, Mercedes-Benz India now provides a formidable range of special protection vehicles comprising the E-Guard and M-Guard, for the Indian market," Mercedes-Benz India, Managing Director and CEO, Eberhard Kern said.

In pics: Mercedes S 600 Guard!!!
The company said it has already secured a number of pre-orders for the new S 600 Guard. The Mercedes-Benz India 'Guard' portfolio now comprises S 600 Guard, E-Guard and M-Guard vehicles.
Markus Rubenbauer, Head Guard Sales, said the S 600 Guard offers highest protection characteristics.
"This is the first vehicle in Germany to be offered with the highest class of ballistic protection (VR9), which can withstand rifle fire from military weapons and protection from grenades and explosive charges," he added.

The S 600 Guard comes with airmatic suspension, powerful V12 engine, intelligent driver assistance systems and fire extinguisher system with automatic activation.