The S-Class sedan gleams bright with numerous technological features which include 3D cameras, radar, night vision, LED headlights and tail-lights, which interestingly adjusts their brightness on its own. The car is expected to take driving to the next level – automated driving, for it’s also loaded with cameras and sensors, which ‘double up’ as its eyes and ears, allowing the driver to have a 360-degree view of the road.

This amazing piece of automotive engineering can also grasp quickly when cars are approaching towards it, serving a warning to the driver beforehand. Besides, it also activates hazard lights and apply brakes before one moves dangerously close to a rear-end collision. The car can also steer itself out of a gridlock in a hassle free manner.

The S-Class is propelled by rear-wheel-drive S550 along with a 455 horsepower V8 engine. The company plans to roll out more versions in near future and though the technology incorporated in the car is amazingly great, it will still take some more time for the masses to lay their hands on. 

However, considering the momentum at which technology is being shared in the present era, the day does not look far when almost every big name in the automobile industry would do their bits to present something more than a ‘four-wheeler’ to their customers.