New Delhi: The two young Delhi based artists AK Douglas and Ajay Narayan’s work ‘What We See And What We Believe In’ organized by the NIV art center attracted the large number of connoisseurs to get a glimpse of glorious paintings.

The mesmerizing painting which covers wide range of emotions stretching from human bonding to supernatural powers grabbed the attention of thousands of visitors.

Douglas told Jagran Post, “I am vagabond by nature and travelling to different parts of the country is my hobby, and through these paintings I try to exhibit my experiences.”

32-year old Douglas further added that his father is the biggest source of inspiration for him. “My father has always encouraged me for this form of art and had it not been for his motivation my talent would have been wasted,” he added.

More than 200 rare paintings of Douglas and Narayan are at displayed at NIV art center of Delhi. The duo further aim at displaying video show during the 14-day exhibition.

The work of Douglas and Narayan are utterly different – each carving out a separate trajectory, with diverging visions and working methods but bonded with a common faith.

Amar Kumar Sharma