Asked about the most attractive football player in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2014, 59.6 percent single women voted for Messi in a survey.

Youth heart throb Cristiano Ronaldo, who captains both the Portugal national team and Real Madrid, came a close second with 53.4 percent, while 51.5 percent women went for Manchester United's Wayne Rooney.

The survey also revealed that Brazilian midfielder Ricardo Kaka is considered as the 'Most Handsome Football Player' by 49.3 percent single women, followed by his forward team-mate Neymar Jr and Spanish player Fernando Torres.

Apart from FIFA 2014 players, asked about the 'Most Admired Married Footballer', 48.2 percent single women voted for former England player David Beckham.

Another 31.3 percent single women voted for Maldini, followed by Zidane.

David Beckham and his wife Victoria were voted as the 'Most Admired Celebrity Couple' by 48.2 percent single women, followed by Gerard Pique and Shakira (28.3) and Cristiano
Ronaldo and Irina Shayk (23.5).

Over 4000 Indian women were surveyed to understand their sports preferences.

Interestingly, IPL has scored over FIFA as around 54.4 percent married women said they prefer watching IPL with the family while only 39.5 percent married women voted for watching FIFA.

"The survey highlights the choices of the modern Indian woman. It suggests that her choice of sports-viewing varies, depending on marital status and company," Gourav Rakshit, COO of said.


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