New Delhi: Stoking apprehensions over late arrival of monsoons in North India, the Meteorological Forecasting Division on Friday raised the alarm bells its arrival in the northern region, which plays an important role in food grain production and distribution.

According to the MeT department, no matter that monsoon has arrived earlier in Kerala and the West Coast, it is likely to set a bit late over North India.

“Monsoon has already started over southern part of India and is gradually advancing to the north,” MeT officials said.

Though the monsoon is likely to get delayed, brief spells of showers due to the western disturbances might bring respite for people from the soaring mercury in the region.

During the period, North India would witness dirt storms followed by rains due to the western disturbances, thus, leading to a fall in the mercury giving respite to people from hot and humid conditions.
The resultant fall in temperatures would bring a sigh of relief for people experiencing scorching heat this season, with temperature clocking the high forties on several occasions.

The department also informed that the monsoon, which was earlier drifting towards the Arabian sea has now changed its course to the Bay of Bengal thus bringing heavy showers in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Now, Orissa and West Bengal will witness heavy rain in the next few days. However, the showers are likely to decrease by next week.

The monsoons have already been delayed by a week in Jharkhand and Bihar.

While there is no effective system over the Bay of Bengal, the normal progress of monsoon has been tardy. It covered some parts of North-Eastern states but has not progressed much beyond that. The northern limit has not made any significant progress duing the the last five days.

(JPN/ Bureau)