The announcement by Union Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath is really laudable that every city with a population of thirty lakh citizenship will avail the facility of Metro services. The proclamation must have made the residents of such cities happy to know but they cannot believe much on the government assertion. Although the plan is to introduce Metro services in some places with equal partnership of the Centre and state governments or a joint venture of public-private cooperation, it is not necessary that the dream of residents in big cities would be fulfilled soon. In view to Kamal Nath’s statement regarding linking up every big city with the Metro, the state governments too have to show their commitment. A mere pledge is not going to fulfill the purpose and the states undoubtedly have to look at proper development of the cities. Majority of the cities in the country are in the web of unplanned development so much so that even an initiative for repair work of roads creates inconvenience to the routined life. Recently, the residents of national capital, known for its wide roads, were having a great deal of inconvenience during the construction of Metro here. This can take place in Delhi, the capital of India, which has become synonymous for its disorganized development then the plight of those cities may be gauged. The cause of concern is that the state governments and the concerned government agencies are least bothered about their responsibilities despite its observation about the consequences of unplanned development. Perhaps it is the reason unauthorised colonies are being regularized not only in every big cities, but in the national capital also.

It has been observed whenever elections came at hand, either some unauthorized colonies in big cities are regularized or norms related to building construction are relaxed. It has become pretty common to overlook encroachment and permission for illegal constructions irrespective of laid down norms by the government agencies. It is known to the planners are akin to the fact that population is continuously growing in the cities and after a few decades, as per estimate the half of the country’s population would reside in cities. In such a situation, the effort should be made such that small or big cities do not suffer because of surging population. For this, it has become necessary to put a check on the chaotic pace of urbanization. But this is not going to happen till stringent laws related to urbanization are implemented. It is not enough that Union Urban Development Ministry has decided to overhaul public transport system, because the cities are asking for several other amenities.