New Delhi: In what could be seen a good tidings for commuters, Delhi metro will run after every 90 seconds under the third phase of metro expansion in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR).

For this, eight new sub-stations will be created and two will be upgraded on the metro corridor for non-detrimental power supply.

Even though works for the third phase have not commenced, points for creating sub-stations have been marked. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has inked an agreement with Delhi Transco Limited (DTL) for power supply.

DTL will supply 66-220 KW power to DMRC sub-stations from its grid, according to sources.

However, platforms and power supply have been so arranged on six lines going under Phase I and II that only 8-coach trains can be run on those lines.

But, observing the growing rush on metro, big infrastructure is prepared so that even nine-coach metros also can run on the lines under Phase-III.

According to DMRC engineers, two types of power supply are needed to run metros. For operating purpose, 25 KW uninterrupted overhead power supply is needed and 33 KW is needed for other facilities at stations like air conditioners, lighting, escalators, etc.

Currently, 13.5 lakh unit power is consumed daily out of which 7.5 lakh unit is used for running trains and rest for other facilities.