New Delhi: Giving MFN (Most Favoured Nation) status to India will be highly beneficial for common men in Pakistan. This will enable Pakistan to get medicines, fruits-vegetables and sugar at 55, 40 and 30 percent lower prices respectively. Anticipating big orders from Pakistan, Indian trade industry is also planning to start joint ventures with their counterparts in Pakistan especially in the areas of engineering, medicine and chemicals.

FICCI, which was continuously trying for bilateral businesses with Pakistan, said, “Granting MFN status to India is a good news for Pakistan’s people. If Pakistan starts importing from India, they can get steels for 55 percent less price. Importing goods from India can control inflation easily in Pakistan.”

Demanding for setting up an open market along the Indo-Pak border, PHD chamber’s President Salil Bhandari said, “MFN will not only allow more export to Pakistan but also clear way for joint ventures.”
President of domestic exporter’s organization FIEO, Ramu Deora said, “Now in true sense business relations will be established between the two countries, since Indian goods will be directly sold to Pakistan. Indian auto companies will also get good opportunity in Pakistan.”