Adelaide: Clarke, who won the toss and elected to bat in the Adelaide Test on Tuesday, came out to bat with a new logo-- MC 329.

According to a report, the contract deal figure is in "high-six figures".

"Spartan cricket consultant Ian Davis, a former Test opening bat, who also played Sheffield Shield for both NSW and Queensland, had been in talks with Clarke's manager, James Erskine since the Australian skipper, thrashed the Indian attack for 329," a newspaper reported.

Clarke had been without a bat deal since his contract with previous bat supplier Dunlop Slazenger declined to renew it's contract when it expired on December 31.

"The MC 329 is made from quality sourced English willow and made in our factory in Jalandhar in northern India," Davis said.

"It isn't a heavy bat, probably mid-range. The bat also features unique markings and we plan to roll out the full range of MC 329 bats nationally in June."

Davis had previously signed Clarke when he worked for Dunlop Slazenger.  Clarke had hit his highest score, an unbeaten 329, at the SCG New Year's Test with an unmarked bat.