Send is supposed to it gives the users the benefits of quick SMS-like communications with their existing email contacts, without requiring a phone number or separate app.

Send does not need a subject line, signature or salutation and it will surface the user's frequent and recent contacts when they open the app. They can also see when their contacts are typing a reply if they are Send users.

Send is the latest app to arrive out of Microsoft Garage. It is now available for download on the iOS App Store. The app will soon arrive for Android and Windows Phone phones.

Taking Goolge's Gmail and other email apps head on, Microsoft recently launched a new Outlook app for iOS and Android devices.

The new app is basically a replacement for San Francisco-based email startup Acompli that was acquired by Microsoft for USD 200 million in December last year.

Outlook will support Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, iCloud and other key email services. The app will also help users manage calendar and fetch attachments within the same app.

Users will be able to attach files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or the user's mailbox right from the app.