The news broke with the firm attempting to make Skype Translator available in more languages and offering a preview that’s no longer restricted by an invite. The software currently supports English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin, allowing anyone to translate speech real-time through a Skype video call or via instant messaging.

Microsoft said that it had seen a 300 percent rise in Skype Translator usage since it removed the invite-only requirement.

Skype is continuing to step into the browser space with a US and UK beta of Skype for Web via Available as a smartphone app and desktop client, the roll-out envisions people using Skype for Web in order to respond to contacts via a bigger screen, or on an internet café computer that might not have the program installed.

Contacts and conversations sync between the two, while Skype for Web combines the two categories in a single timeline view. Microsoft, developer of Internet Explorer, purchased Skype in May 2011.