Microsoft has launched Plumbago – a new app for Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets released through the Microsoft Garage. Plumbago is a digital notebook with technology that smoothens handwriting so your scribbles are easier to read later.

It also contains realistic ink technology and other features like an optimised tool picker designed to reduce the number of taps to access its features, notebook covers and paper selector, Microsoft said in a blog yesterday.

"We were thinking about how to make a great experience that really took advantage of the Surface and its pen, and could replace a physical notebook," Gavin Jancke, general manager of engineering in Microsoft Research, said.

The app has several kinds of papers to choose from, such as yellow rule - with the familiar pink margin line - as well as grid, music sheets, among others. The app let users have up to a 25-page virtual notebook. To flip the page, a user needs to just swipe the screen to flip the page over – just like with the real notebooks. It also has an option of choosing between pen, pencil and highlighter.