Chandigarh (Jagran News Network, Bureau): State government can only promise but can’t deliver it, when it comes to mid-day meal scheme. The scheme, which was launched for the benefit of schoolchildren, is yet to be implemented as the government is not able to provide even proper facilities for the same.

In an effort to encourage more students to join schools, the government had started the scheme but officials could not implement it due to non-availability of utensils.

Despite sufficient funds being pumped in, the result is still naught.

According to a self help group, a school in Ambala district has no utensils to prepare the menu and they have to manage anyhow to provide it.

Although Rs 2500 have been sanctioned to each school for purchase of plates, few schools are still to receive the fund.

Jind district is also reported to be facing the same plight, where lack of utensils did not allow authority to cook the menu properly.

However, few schools have started to implement the scheme as the utensils have been provided with the help of Panchayat.

Some of the schools are facing supply crunch as Weyar Houshing Corporation did not provide wheat and rice on time.

District Education Officer said that there would be no compromise on providing the mid-day meal scheme to children.

Lack of budget and resources

Budget and resource crunch have hit schools in Yamunanagar and the mid-day meal scheme has not been implemented successfully here.

Despite proper menu, food is not being prepared due to lack of utensils.