Goh: 35 children have been reported ill after consuming Mid-Day Meal (MDM) at Jamuan primary school of Goh block of Aurangabad district. Though all the students are out of danger, they are still under medical supervision in the Primary Health Centre.

The students claimed that a lizard had contaminated the food. The issue came to the fore, when majority of the student complained about uneasiness and nausea tendency after having MDM served in the school.

Head teacher Laita Kumari said that after the students showed signs of uneasiness, they were immediately rushed to the primary health centre.

The cooks in their self defence said, “If a lizard had fallen in the food all the students who consumed it would have fallen ill.”

Head teacher informed that there were a total of 100 students present in the school and the investigation into the matter has been ordered.

JPN/ Bureau