Melbourne: Twice as many men as women are likely to experience a midlife crisis when they hit 40, a new study has found.

The panic attack comes despite 69 percent of Australians in the age group claiming that they don't look their age.

Another 57 percent, who were surveyed nationwide by Newspoll for the DVD launch of the comedy 'This Is 40', said they did not feel any difference from their 30s, reported a website.

Psychologist Meredith Fuller believes career stress, retrenchments and having younger colleagues promoted ahead of them are reasons some men fret about turning 40. "They can get very twitchy about their rising age," she said.
The survey found more men (69 percent) than women lied about their age.

But Fuller said, “Majority accepts “40 is the new 30”. About 80 percent of people turning 40 really believe it is not a big deal any more. We are starting to recognise 40 as a fabulous age, you don't have to lie about your age."


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