Dehradun: In the era of globalization, Uttarakhand is seeing a high rate of migration from rural areas to the urban centres as villagers are moving out to grab better job opportunities and improve their lifestyles.

It is said that a literate person can help himself and the society in which he lives. But, due to lack of employment prospects and dearth of basic amenities, the youth, especially the literate ones, is moving out of his village in search of better prospects.

The question arises as to why the India which lived in the villages is fast opting for metros and urban cities?

Call it restraints on their part or the system’s failure; people are forced to move out of their ancestral homes due to the lack of facilities back home. Basic facilities like education, health and medicine are not available to them. They are even unable to obtain sufficient amount of food for their families.

Hence, they leave their villages in search of better employment opportunities.

Affirming the trend of migration from villages to big cities, the 2010 Census estimates show that in Haridwar district alone, while the total number of literates rose to 7 lakh from 5 lakh in one decade, the migration rate also swelled to 7 percent.

Similarly is the case in Udhamsingh district where 3 percent people have already left their home when the literacy rate has increased by 2.5 percent.

The Migration figures have also gone up in villages of Dehradun, Nainital and Paudi. In Uttarakhand, at least 5 percent people have left their state and moved to other cities.

According to former Chief Secretary and financial expert Indu Kumar Pandey, “Migration is directly related to employment and when there are no growth facilities in their own regions then they will certainly move to other cities. Hence, there is a need to develop employment prospects in the region by boosting tourism.”

District                  Literacy rate              Migrations
Udhamsingh         10.35                            31430
Haridwar               11.55                            83099
Paudi                      5.54                             33156
Almoda                   08                                16467
Dehradun             6.24                             30000