Chandigarh recorded minimum temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, seven notches above normal, MeT department said, adding that the city received 11.6 mm rains.
In Haryana, Ambala received rainfall of 11.5 mm while it recorded a low at 11.8 degrees Celsius, up six notches. Hisar and Karnal also drenched by 2.2 and 6.6 mm respectively while their minimum temperatures were recorded at 9.5 and 11.5 degrees Celsius respectively, up by almost four notches.
Narnaul's low settled at 7.5 degrees Celsius while Bhiwani recorded a minimum temperature at 10.6 degrees Celsius.
In Punjab, Amritsar registered the lowest minimum in the region at 4.8 degrees Celsius. Ludhiana and Patiala had rainfall of 2.6 and 2.2 mm respectively while the minimum temperatures were recorded at 11.9 and 12.7 degrees Celsius respectively, seven degrees above normal.
MeT department forecast dry weather conditions in next 24 hours in both the states.

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