Islamabad: Terming militancy as the ‘greatest threat’ to the country’s security, a leading Pakistani news daily said that a stable future was not possible without a multi-pronged to counter terror.

A media report said on Monday said that Pakistani Army chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s speech to Pakistan Military Academy cadets  had ‘the salutary effect of once again focusing attention on the main threat to the country’s security: militancy.’

Kayani had said the terrorists’ backbone has been broken.By using strong language to describe the state’s successes in the war against terror, the army chief has underlined what is really at stake.

It, however, noted that whether ‘the terrorists’ backbone has indeed been broken or not is unclear.’

‘Indeed, in the nebulous world of insurgencies, the enemy may not even have a ‘backbone’ that can be broken. But the fact remains that militancy is the greatest threat to the security of Pakistan and barring a multi-pronged strategy to fight it, the country will not be able to look forward to a stable and prosperous future.’

The editorial said the army chief’s speech gives ‘hope’.