Milkha Surefit is a fitness programme which uses scientifically developed and tested criterion to identify the right sport fitment for a child basis various physical tests and examinations.

This identification program is further bolstered with an intensive fitness programme which will helps the child reach his maximum potential in the designated sport.

"We wish to bring a system into place so that all children have a greater chance of athletic success whether competitive or recreational. Under this programme, children will be scientifically tested and guided on which sport to follow as per their biological markers," Milkha Singh said.

"In sports, it is very important to provide the right guidance at the right age. Milkha Surefit programme has carefully structured those elements into an enjoyable and doable programme which will be taken to kids across the country.

"We look forward to a country which will lead to healthier, fitter kids and hopefully a lot more talented sportsmen. This will also complement in their academic performance as a healthy mind sits in a healthy body," he added.

Milkha Surefit Fitness programme will leverage a scientific approach to sports which will bring transition in a child from basic fundamental movement skills to functional sport skills and create the love for sports.

As a part of the programme, children will be trained in exercises and activities relevant to the appropriate sport to which they qualify. Regular workshops and trainings will be conducted within the school premises and existing sports trainers and coaches in schools will be further imparted 30-40hrs of training.

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