The study, which surveyed 1,019 people ages 18-34, found that what many Millennials love best about their smartphones is the camera.
Nearly 90 percent said they use smartphone camera to take photos daily or weekly, and not just "selfies." They often click a shirt or a stereo they like and send it to friends to see what they think.
The study also found that the first thing 80 percent of Millennials do every morning is reach for their smartphones, and 78 percent spend more than two hours a day texting, surfing, talking, tweeting, shopping and banking, 'USA Today' reported.
Around 81 percent said it's important for retailers to have high-quality mobile apps and 47 percent access businesses via mobile at least once a day, according to the study by Zogby Analytics.
Thirty-six percent have made a decision on where to spend money or switched companies based on what they let them accomplish on mobile and 14 percent wouldn't do business with a company that doesn't have a mobile site or app.
Also, 60 percent believe that in the next five years everything will be done on mobile devices and 54 percent are ready to pay using a mobile wallet.