New Delhi: The mineral rich state of Jharkhand has been lagging behind in human development with slow rate of economic development, increasing birth rate and lack of education and health facilities.

According to the Planning Commission report on Human Development, the human development index of Jharkhand is 0.376 as compared to the national human index of 0.467. While the situation in the state is marginally better than Orissa, Chhattisgarh and Bihar, the living condition of people in Jharkhand is poorer than Kerala, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh.

The 40 percent population of the state is living below poverty line. Though the state of education has improved slightly since last year, it still lags behind the national average. While the national literacy rate is 74 percent, it is just 67.6 percent in Jharkhand.

Moreover, Jharkhand is the most backward state in the country regarding basic amenities like clean drinking water and proper sanitation. While only two-third of the state population gets potable water, only one out of four houses has a toilet. The condition of scheduled tribe families is worse.