New Delhi: With rising incomes, the face of country’s villages has changed rapidly. But in some villages the development stands far beyond the development reflected by the ranked cities. The befitting example in this context is the Ena village of Gujarat.

In cities where clean water is a major problem, people in the Ena village of Gujarat drink only mineral water.  Besides, the mineral water is also being used to cook and wash dishes.

It is noteworthy that a sizeable population of Ena village is comprised of Non Resident Indians (NRI). With the help of NRIs the mineral water plant was set up in the village a few years ago.

More than 25,000 litre water is purified in the plant each day, which is supplied to the residential locations through pipelines.

As per the residents of Ena village, due to the clean water, the water-borne diseases have almost disappeared.

Ajay Shukla who has conducted several studies in rural areas claims that Ena is quite different from other villages. He said, “The effort of NRIs and villages to have clear and clean water supply is simply remarkable.”

He did not fail to mention that even after spending money people are still deprived of pure water in urban areas.

Shukla added, “Three decades ago, hardly anyone would have thought that water would be sold in the country. But today it has transformed into a big business.”