Panaji: A Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) expert panel has observed that many things pertaining to mining activity in bio-diversity hotspot of the Western Ghat in Goa are not monitored by government agencies.

"Mining has certainly had adverse impact on the Western Ghats. We are trying to put forward available information on impact of mining but its (information) is limited," Madhav Gadgil, Chairman of the ecological expert panel on Western Ghat, told reporters here.

A lot of things that should be properly monitored are not being done, he said.

"We don't have information on many parameters but whatever is available we are trying to summarise as a data," Gadgil told reporters on the sidelines of a convention of Goan youth on 'Environment and Development' organised by Centre for Environment Education, an NGO, and the Goa Golden Jubilee Development Council.

Goa has 100-odd open-cast mines tapping iron ore, bauxite and manganese exported to countries like China.

The Gadgil committee will submit its final report to MoEF on August 31 this year.

The chairman of the committee said the final report would be a comprehensive data base on environmental parameters of Western Ghat.

"As per the information available, we have developed criteria as to which are the areas in Western Ghat that should be considered and what level of sensitivity is required," Gadgil said.

"We are working out a system where there will be different grades of sensitivity and some different kind of regulations may be suggested," he said, adding proper exercise will be initiated to decide on what should be the buffer zones for the wildlife sanctuaries of Goa.

"There has been no exercise by any state on the purpose of buffer zone and how it should be managed," he added.