Thumbing down Corporate Affairs Minister Murli Deora’s stance on the holding of Essar Group in Loop Telecom, the CBI has filed chargesheet against these two companies that spells out two messages—first, the Prime Minister has given the premier investigating agency full freedom to take action against the defaulters and secondly, the numbers of Central Ministers having sympathy with the companies are spiralling up. There is nothing wrong in being the well-wisher of a company, but it will be unfair if undue support is given to any firm. Regarding the relation between Loop Telecom and Essar group, Deora says that the latter’s holding in the former is less than 10 percent and both these companies did not violate rules and regulations set up for the allocation of 2G spectrum. May be Deora is right, but it is beyond understanding that why Murli gave clarification regarding the nexus between these two firms in black and white, when he was not asked for it. It is worth mentioning that in his capacity of  Corporate Affairs Minister in 2009, Salman Khurshid recommended to scrap Loop Telecom’s licence of 2G spectrum, stating that Loop is the flagship vertical of Essar. How come the same ministry could give two different viewpoints on the same issue? It is also pertinent that without any demand, why did Murli need to give suggestion? Thus, he himself has put in the dock.  

More or less, Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal also did the same. Sibal categorically explained that he did not provide any help to Reliance Telecom, but failed to explain why was the penalty of Rs 50 crore imposed on it reduced to only Rs 5 crore. The nation wants Sibal clear his position in this regard. It is disappointing that the Centre had to safeguard its another senior minister P Chidambaram. It is a profound irony that when A Raja is in jail, Dayanidhi Maran had to put in his papers, Murli Deora is in the dock, Kapil Sibal and P Chidambaram are fending off a volley of questions. The Central government had to clarify the murky scene, only then the people of the country will come to know that the ruling dispensation is committed to good governance. However, a high-level probe into all scams and scandals is going on, but the government could salvage its crumbling credentials only by punishing the accused.