"See this whole debate is not about over centralisation. For instance I look after different departments in the government and the extent of decentralisation that we enjoy is very large," he said while addressing a news conference in New Delhi.
Jaitley was replying to a question whether there was over centralisation under Modi, a sharp contrast to perception of previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh being 'remote controlled.'
"But certainly if you have a very active prime minister, along with this decentralised authority which has been given to us, there will be an element of accountability," he said.
Jaitley, who is also the Defence Minister said, that decisions were being taken in his ministries, and that for the important ones Modi or Prime Ministers’ Office (PMO) was being consulted.
"All these decisions we are taking in defence ministry or what we do in the finance ministry, are decisions taken in the ministry itself. Of course important decisions are cleared with the PM or PMO," he added.

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