New Delhi: Many government ministries and departments are spending far more than the sum approved by the Parliament. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) has pulled up the ministries and departments for misusing Rs 21,703 crore.

According to CAG, the Railway and Defence Ministry and postal department did not take the approval of the Parliament for their extra expenditure in 2010-11.

The CAG report produced in the Parliament on Tuesday says that in this duration, Railway, Defence and postal department  without the approval of the Parliament spent Rs 11, 043 crore whereas Section 114 (3) clearly states that without the permission of the house, no money can be extracted from the government’s fund.

Not only this, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) under the Finance Ministry withdrew Rs 10,499 crore from the treasury to pay the interest on refund in 2010-11. It is to be noted, this is not the first time that CBDT has borrowed money. In the last five years it has taken Rs 37,365 crore for the payment of interest.

Hinting towards the malpractice, the CAG says, “The government never made a provision of interest payment in its budget.”

Surprisingly, the CBDT replies that payment of interest is a legal responsibility therefore there is no need of acquiring permission from the Parliament. However, the CAG has turned down its argument. According to CAG, interest payment is a part of expenditure for which the required amount can be taken from the government treasury only as per rules.