New Delhi: In a proactive move to strengthen the security apparatus of the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs has introduced some new security norms to regulate the Telecommunication Sector in a better way.

The Ministry has formulated eight new rules to streamline the working of telecom companies. From networking to equipments, services and management, the new rules bind them within the limitation of the newly-introduced strict security norms.

In a letter forwarded by Home Secretary RK Singh to the Telecommunication secretary, Chandrashekher, it has been clearly mentioned that the companies will now have to provide the details of their customers to intelligence agencies.

The Ministry has cleared that the Chief Technical Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Technical Officer working with Intelligence Agency, Mobile Switching Centre and Officer for Central Database should belong to Indian origin.

Besides, the companies will have to prepare their respective security plans within 30 days and submit it to the Telecommunication department. Notably, it will help to manage the working of networking companies.

It was also learnt that every company has to go for a security audit once in a year. As per the orders of the Home Ministry, the first audit has to be completed within a year.

Issuing clear directive, the government has asked the telecom companies to use the approved equipments and to keep an account of the updates made in the networking software. If in case there is a major change in the software, the company has to inform the same to the Telecommunication department.

More so, the companies will have to make monitoring facility for the intelligence agencies and will engage with equipment suppliers under the prescribe security rules.