New York: 12-year-old girl survived after falling four stories from her bedroom window in Queens. Kaylan Watson, toppled from her bedroom window at the 73rd St. building in Jackson Heights at about 3:50 p.m. and landed in a patch of grass inside a courtyard, sources and witnesses told media.

Breanna Borano, whose apartment window faces the back courtyard, said that she saw the girl lying on the floor and she had banged her head really bad.

Borano asserted Watson looked as though she was daydreaming because her eyes were wide open.

It was not immediately clear how the accident occurred, police sources said, but the girl said she was not pushed.

Watson was conscious when she was transported to Elmhurst Hospital where she was listed in serious condition.

A family friend Sylvia Arancibin insisted that Watsons' older brother tried to grab her as she plunged, but it was too late.

Arancibin added that the girl doesn't remember anything.


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