Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha and former Law Minister Arun Jaitley feels that minority reservation is curtailing the rights of the backward classes. This will have a negative impact on the Congress.

Also, the honour of Constitutional arrangement and institutions is at stake. Jaitley, who has been in-charge of Uttar Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party state organization for a long time, feels that the poll results will give a new dimension to national politics.    


What is the BJP’s position in the present political scenario?

It is better. We have already got an encouraging start at the first phase of polls itself. The indication of poll results may be in favour of the BJP.

Which party will be the beneficiary of increase in voting percentage?

There is anti-incumbency against the government. The people want to get rid of misgovernance of the Centre and the Mayawati government.

Are corruption and inflation not issues in the Assembly polls?

No. But the SP, the BSP and the Congress are trying to disseat the people of UP in the name of religious reservation. The party which was involved in giving conflicting views over the Batla House encounter is trying to shield its failures and divert public attention from major issues.

How effective will be the politics of minority reservation?

This is not politics but an attempt to divide the country and weaken the harmony. The Backwards are being used and false promises are being made to the Muslims. Like the Congress, the SP and the BSP are also equally responsible for the division in society.

The concept of raising the reservation quota to 18 percent now is in air.

The Constitution doesn’t give the permission to do this. Mayawati and Mulayam have to give the answer for this. Out of 27 percent reservation, 4.5 percent is meant for the OBCs. If this reservation is increased to 18 percent than what would be left for the backward classes? The BJP will not let it happen.

Will the BJP benefit from the ‘minority reservation’ card?

The BJP is canvassing for on agenda such as good governance and development. But the Congress and the SP are adding a communal touch in the assembly polls. Even the Muslims realise that this promise of minority reservation cannot be fulfilled unless some amendments to the constitution are brought in. When the provision for minority reservation in Mandal Commission report already exists, why is there a hue and cry on this issue? People cannot be motivated by false promises by Oppositions and the Congress will eventually pay the price. 

How does the BJP view the Kushwaha episode?

The Kushwaha episode is over now as his membership was suspended, though he is on foot to expose the corrupt faces of the BSP.

Will the BJP return to power despite its factionalism?

Only media sees factionalism in the BJP. There can be differences of opinions within the party but there is no factionalism. The BJP is going to form the next government in the state.

But the conflict over the chief ministerial post is quiet evident?

Let the time come, everything will fall in place.

There is a dearth of young faces to attract the youth towards the BJP?

The BJP is the only party to attract the youth through its developmental works. Our manifesto focuses several welfare schemes for the youths. However in the guise of giving opportunity to young faces the Congress and the SP are lending support to dynastic politics.

(JPN/ Bureau)