New Delhi: US-based Indian filmmaker Mira Nair's musical adaptation of her 2001 super hit "Monsoon Wedding" will begin rehearsals in September, while she plans to shoot her next film in Uganda in 2014.

Set in the national capital, "Monsoon Wedding", produced under the banner of Mirabai Films, revolved around a typical Punjabi wedding laced with a hefty dose of emotion and drama.

We have heard you are shooting Monsoon Wedding again on a different level all together?
I am doing 'Monsoon Wedding' on Broadway. That's what I am doing now. We have about seven or eight songs done out of the 11. We also have the book written and we will enter rehearsals in September in New York.

You have directed a segment in upcoming film Words With Gods?
Yes I have directed a segment in the upcoming film "Words With Gods." The segment I have directed is called "God Room" featuring Bollywood actors Tanuja, Ram Kapoor, Richa Chadda, Raj Kumar Yadav and Vinay Pathak.  The script has been written by Zoya Akhtar and the story revolves around a rich family arguing over where the prayer room should be.

Also you are roped in to direct a Ugandan based film about an eight-year-old girl?
It's a true story of an eight-year-old girl, Phiona Mutesi, from the slums who became one of the finest chess players, taking on the grandmasters. I have just signed the deal for the film. I am starting to research and we will shoot next year. The movie will be filmed in Uganda.

Have you met that girl?
I have met the girl. If you see where she has come from and what she has achieved, entirely through the dint of her own mind, it is very amazing. But she is also very modest, she is very quiet, and she is not easy to get to know in a way. I am looking forward to know her better, I have just met her once.


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