New Delhi: Hearing the case of Mirchpur killing in which two people of Dalit community were allegedly killed, a Delhi court held fifteen people guilty and acquitted 82 people for lack of evidences.

Among those acquitted also include Vinod Kajal, the then SHO of Narnaud Police station in Hisar district.

While hearing the case, Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau convicted three people Kuldeep, Rampal and Rajender on grounds of culpable homicide.

Five others--Sumit, Jaydev, Suresh, Sunil and Rishi-- were found guilty of mobbing, stone pelting and damaging public property in Mirchpur killing.

The judge convicted seven others founding them guilty of arson and set September 29 for convicting all the fifteen guilty in the Mirchpur killing case.

Notably, the Mirchpur killing was provoked by a quarrel between a Dalit and a Jat leader on April 21, 2010. Later, it turned into a community clash in which houses of Dalit community were burnt down by a group of Jat community.

Two victims of this arson, Tara Chand and his handicapped daughter lost lives during treatment.