New Delhi: Underlining the need for financial autonomy, Chief Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra on Friday demanded that the Government make Information Commissions at the Centre and in the states constitutional authorities on the lines of the CEC and CAG.
Speaking at the sixth annual convention of the Central Information Commission, Mishra expressed concern over absence of office building, financial autonomy and constitutional body status to transparency panels.
"It was reported the other day that the government might make Lokpal a Constitutional authority like the Election Commission. As far as its role and responsibility go, the Information Commission is no different and requires as much autonomy from the Government.
"If the Lokpal can be a constitutional authority, the CIC and SIC has a greater right and justification to be made into a Constitutional authority," he said.
Mishra asked the Centre to consider financial autonomy for the Central and State Information Commissions.
"We have no financial autonomy and have to depend on the government for day-to-day expenditure, however, big or small. It would strengthen the CIC greatly if the Government would consider making our budget charged just like the budget of CAG or the CEC," he said.
Mishra hoped the government would take immediate steps to provide a building, and as and when the Lokpal is made a constitutional authority, it make the CIC and the SICs a Constitutional authority.