New Delhi: In what can be seen as the mismanagement by Union government in curbing rising inflation, despite the bumper yield of crops this year the Centre has failed to bring down the sky rocketing price of foodgrains, onions and milk.

Soaring prices of onions is a fine example of government's inability to bring down the price of an item which is a common staple of every kitchen and also a political hot potato.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in the year 2011-12, 1.51 crore tonnes of onion production is expected which will be 1.45 crore tonn extra than the last year production. Also, in comparison to last year onion export has been reduced. But, increase in onion prices continues to burn hole in the consumer’s pocket.

On a similar note, there is spike in wheat and rice price despite excessive production. As per the details provided by the agriculture ministry, this year crop production has reached to the highest of 24.1 crore tonn. Ironically, in the absence of crop storage facility, ton of wheat is lying in the open air.

It is due to this reason, the crude price of wheat has increased from Rs 18 to Rs 20 per kilogram. This has also affected the edibles made from wheat. Prices of biscuits and bread have also increased by 20-22 percent.