Shikardeep Dhawan (25) was on a month-long vacation in his home state Bihar when he went missing on the night of February 6 while travelling on a train from Katihar to Jammu where he is posted.

According to the police, he was on board the Mahananda Express and had got off at the Patna station to pick up a bottle of water. He returned to his AC II tier coach and began frothing at the mouth. He did not remember anything after that until he regained consciousness and found himself tied to a chair in a dark room, Dhawan told police officials.

"I was in a dark place amid thick jungles, they would feed me porridge every day and speak very little to me", the officer said.

He said he managed to escape from the place after breaking the window and saw railway tracks after walking a few kilometers.

He boarded the Kamakhya Express which was standing there and reached Faizabad.

After noting the details, the police officials handed the officer over to the army. Dhawan's family had lodged a First Information Report about his disappearance on February 9 and his father had expressed fears that his son might have been abducted by some terrorist group.

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