Gaya Prasad's mortal remains will now head home in the distant Kuraria village of Mainpuri district in Uttar Pradesh to find his final resting place with full military honours in front of his father Gajadhar Singh, wife Rama Devi and children.

It was way back in 1996 when Havaldar Gaya Prasad of the 15 Rajput Regiment had gone missing from the Siachen Glacier. Gaya apparently fell into a deep crevice near the Khanda Drop Zone. Although search operation was mounted but he could never be traced.

"The mortal remains of Havaldar Gaya Prasad was found a few days back buried under the snow in the general area of the Glacier.

‘The body of the officer had been sent to Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh,’ said the arm official said. Because of extremely low temperatures in the area, the body had remained undecomposed and fairly well preserved, added the official.

Chocked with emotions, Gaya’s father said, "We were told Gaya died on duty but the fact that we could never get hold of his body for the final rites was the most painful for us. His mother died with the wish to see him once. Now, at least at this age, I will be able to see my son's body."

 The Siachen Glacier is the world's highest battlefield, where temperatures drop to minus 45 degrees Celsius and even more during the winter. Even in summer, the night temperatures drop below the freezing point in the area.

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