A high decibel reverberation of the 2G spectrum allocation row, which has stirred up the political landscape, has become quite detrimental to the Congress-led UPA government. The recent skeleton which fallen out of 2G cupboard, the Finance Ministry’s missive to PMO mentioning that Pranab Mukherjee's predecessor P Chidambaram could have stressed on auctioning of 2G spectrum, has hit the hornet’s nest. As the parley between the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in New York failed to douse the fire of internal difference in the ruling dispensation, as it is already teetering under serious allegations of graft, failing to control skyrocketing price rise and taking on terrorism, the spin doctors and policy makers of the Central government seem to be floundering to quell the 2G-cacophoney. Before Pranab Mukherjee returned from New York, Sonia Gandhi huddled with Chidambaram and had a tete-a-tete with the Finance Minister after he landed in Delhi, which vividly reflects a grievous situation the Centre is going through. It is quite ridiculous that Pranab’s note which put Chidambaram in the dock is now being dubbed as insignificant. If this letter is not significant why had the Finance Minister to go to meet the PM in New York? Could this meeting not have taken place in India? It is profound irony the government is visibly pale and helpless in the face of self-created crisis, however, it pins blame on the Opposition for making brouhaha on the 2G issue. If the Opposition is making clamour for Chidambaram’s resignation and laying siege on the Prime Minister, it could not be termed as unwarranted.

The Centre must learn that rubbishing the Opposition’s demand of Chidambaram’s resignation would be sufficient to quell the raging controversy, as the letter of the Finance Minister has already made the PM hapless. Now this point gets corroborated as A Raja in his capacity of Telecom Minister is not only the sole character of the 2G saga. Undoubtedly, Chidambaram is an able administrator as well as a significant cog of the UPA government, and he cannot escape scanner by simply jettisoning Pranab’s note. If the government does not take concrete step to defuse the crisis by unearthing the reality and exposing real culprits of the Spectrum-gate, the UPA government may meet its doomsday, which has already withered with myriads of scams and scandals.